3 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Ionic Hair Dryer

Hair dryers do more than just dry your hair when you step out of the shower. They are used as hair styling tools that play significant rolls into helping women achieve long-lasting hair styles, and that help add body and shine to your hair. But not all hair dryers are the same. Think of shopping for hair dryers like shopping for cars. If you are a soccer mom, you may want an SUV. If you don’t care about looks but want something that gets good gas mileage, you may want a Prius hybrid. If you care about looks and feeling energized every time you get behind the wheel, you may want a Porsche. That said, if you want more from your hairdryer (aside from its obvious purpose) you will want to buy an Ionic hair dryer from a hair styling tools company known for innovation. 

This article is intended to help women learn about Ionic hair dryers, and why they are one of the best investments you can make in your collection of hair styling tools.


  1. Get that Blowout Look with an Ionic Hair Dryer

As you may already know, a blowout is a style one normally gets from a professional salon, and they are pretty costly, and take a long time to sit through. Various salons use a number of tools to give their clients this highly desired look. Most hair dryers never get as hot as other hair styling tools like flat irons or a hot air brush. But the Ionic hair dryer has revolutionized the blowout process. 

For example, the TURBO Ionic hair dryer by Instyler utilizes revolutionary technology that dried hair twice as fast as most blow dryers while still retaining the hair’s moisture to give it a healthy, smooth shine. It also has a high-power Turbine Fan and DC Motor that work together to create a stunning blowout look through a lightweight, powerful hair dryer.


  1. Innovation and Technology

We already mentioned how the Ionic hair dryer has a DC motor and Turbine Fan that have been engineered to work together to achieve various hair styling goals. Unlike a conventional two-speed settings, the Ionic hair dryer like the one sold by Instyler has an Infinity Dial that gives users the power and freedom to customize and control the desired airflow to accommodate your unique and highly personal hair styling needs. 


  1. Ionic Hair Dryers Help Prevent Damage to Follicles 

Just as its name suggests, the Ionic hair dryer uses powerful ions generated through a technology that envelops hair follicles with soothing ions to prevent hair frizz and adorn a smooth, silky look and feel. While traditional hair dryers tend to cause frizz, heat damage, and remove moisture, the Ionic hair is a holistic tool that gives women the style they desire, while focusing on wellness. 

If you can find an Ionic hair dryer, look for an affordable one. While some cost hundreds of dollars, you really don’t need to spend that much. Paying around $100 is an affordable price for a high-quality Ionic hair dryer, especially if it comes with additional features like a Cool Shot, 9’ Power Cord, weighs under 14 oz, and has various accessories like a diffuser and concentrator.