Facial implants

Many things characterize the border city of Tijuana. Still, one of the most important is medical tourism. In recent decades, various people from different parts of the world and Mexico have come to this city to undergo dental treatments such as dental implants Tijuana, and plastic surgeries.

One of the most popular aesthetic surgical procedures is facial implants, the most common of which are chin, cheek, and jaw implants. These surgeries, being cosmetic, are intended to improve people’s appearance, this in terms of proportions, problems, or signs of aging that people may have.

Because many people today are interested in facial implants, in this article, we will talk to you about them so that you can be more informed about the procedure. It is vital to remember that it is necessary to go to specialized surgeons who have experience in the area, especially to avoid a bad practice that can put at risk the appearance and health.

Facial implants

Just as there are implants for the breasts or different parts of the body, it is also possible to perform this in the facial area. This type of treatment aims to improve the proportions of the patient according to the needs and desires that people have.

Different materials can be placed nowadays, but many specialists assure that the best material is the prosthesis, especially when it comes to the chin area. The aim is not to make a face look disproportionate and false, but to make the procedure look quite natural.

Types of implants

Chin implants

As mentioned, a prosthesis is used for this area of the face, and it is recommended for those people who are born with a receding chin or for those patients who want to increase the visibility of this part to improve the shape of the face. To perform this surgery, a small incision will be made inside the mouth, very close to the lower gum, so that better access to the chin can be obtained. After this, a bag will be created in which the prosthesis will be introduced.

The final result will be a more youthful face with more balanced features, and it is a procedure that only requires local anesthesia, so it is an outpatient process.

Cheek implants

In this case, prostheses are also used; with this type of material, it will be possible to fill in space near the eyes and chin, allowing the face not to look so flat. For its execution, an incision will be made inside the oral cavity, at the height of the upper gums. Once this area has been accessed, the available space will be filled, and screws will be placed, which will be fixed to the face’s malar bone to support the implant.

This procedure will be reflected in a more balanced face, without the need to go overboard. There will be no visible scars since the incisions were made inside the mouth.

Jaw implants

This type of implant is usually in high demand by men, especially when the contour of the face is desired to achieve a more attractive angle. Like the others, the surgery is performed inside the oral cavity, and the sutures will be made at the height of the lower gums. Unlike the other two procedures, general anesthesia is used since the operation can last approximately one hour.