How to have a healthy mouth?

The oral cavity is a structure of the body that is of vital importance to the body, but also the appearance of people, that is why in recent decades there has been increased public interest in dental treatments, especially those that allow improving the aesthetics of the teeth like veneers, brackets, teeth whitening and dental implants Tijuana.

Although appearance is essential, it cannot be obtained if the oral cavity is not in optimal condition. The data about the state of oral health that we have makes it clear that everyone should first improve their cleaning habits. Because more than 50% of children and adults have cavities, approximately 40% of adults have some degree of periodontal disease and tooth loss. About 30% of older adults no longer have full dentures because of a lack of disease and hygiene care.

The teeth are an important factor in a person’s appearance and play a vital role in the health of the whole body, mainly because it is in this part of the body that one of the most critical actions for body digestion takes place. When problems in the functioning of the teeth begin to occur, it will cause the other structures involved in metabolism to make a more significant effort, causing the whole process to take much longer.

On the other hand, if there are periodontal problems, it means that the bacteria found in the mouth are not being removed correctly. This will cause these microorganisms to deposit in other structures of the body, such as the stomach, causing them to begin to present stomach problems. Likewise, the excessive amount of bacterial plaque will also cause severe damage to the gums. This will be reflected in constant pain, recurrent infections, and abscesses in the oral cavity.

Oral diseases

Tooth decay

This is one of the most common diseases, and although many people are not treated, this condition must be treated from childhood, mainly because if the cavity grows, it can cause the death of the tooth or teeth. Therefore, it is necessary that this disease is treated correctly and that it is always accompanied by good oral hygiene.

Loss of teeth

Everyone at some point will lose teeth, but, although this action is usually related to age, the truth is that if the oral cavity is not optimal, it can cause the root of the tooth to weaken and subsequently fall out. Therefore, it is necessary to go frequently to the dentist.

Mouth cancer

It is becoming increasingly common for many people around the world to have this disease. Although the reason for its occurrence may vary, specialists recommend that certain habits that can increase the chances of generating this pathology, such as smoking, be set aside. In case it is due to genetic issues, the patient must frequently visit the specialist to monitor the disease.

To avoid problems that can jeopardize the function and aesthetics of the teeth, it is necessary to have a preventive and corrective treatment, where those factors that can generate significant conditions in the future can be eliminated, and this will be possible thanks to the help of a dentist and good hygiene.