Physical Therapy Before Each Operation

We have believed that physiotherapy when it comes to surgical issues, is only used after surgery to improve results. Nowadays, many doctors are betting on performing therapeutic exercises before a surgical procedure. This action is known as prehabilitation. It remembers that these exercises help to improve aspects of movement in muscles, ligaments, bones, and tendons.

What does this physiotherapy exercise consist?

The main objective of prehabilitation is to prepare the patient to be in perfect condition at the time of surgery. This type of movement can also be used for plastic surgery Tijuana , to improve flexibility, elasticity, coordination, and mobility of the body. The exercises that are performed are activities that, although simple, is very effective.

The movements that are performed are beneficial to those primary operations where there may be movement difficulties due to pain. This is because, previously, having done exercise helps to make post-operative rehabilitation easier. Professionals must guide these techniques, that is to say, by a physiotherapist. These exercises are ideal for chronic pain, surgery, or recent injuries.

On the other hand, it not only helps pain or musculoskeletal problems but is exceptionally functional for operations such as transplants, surgeries related to the heart, or any cancer. This type of operation has the characteristic that it is necessary to remain in total rest; this can have complications to perform some movement or even breathing difficulties. So these exercises help make it easier for the person to achieve better recovery.

Research has determined that people who undergo a post-operative training procedure help the patient avoid further complications that may put their health at risk.

How can you help us?

  • If a person undergoes physical therapy exercises before surgery, the patient may be less likely to develop thrombosis. The main complication of thrombus is that clots can travel through the bloodstream, causing one of the pathways to become clogged, and there may be difficulties in the circulatory system.
  • Physical therapy exercises before surgery allow the movement of bones, muscles, and ligaments to be recovered more quickly.
  • Performing these movements allows rehabilitation after surgery to be less complicated.

When is it ideal to start exercising?

It is recommended that these exercises be performed a few weeks before the operation, mainly so that there is not so much pain in recovery. The sessions to be conducted should not be complicated because it is not about wearing the body before surgery. Ideally, the physiotherapist can advise the person so that together with him or the person and alone can carry them out.

During the interview with the physiotherapist, it is recommended that, if the patient has any doubt regarding the movements, the benefits or disadvantages of this procedure can be resolved by the specialist. To avoid damage to ligaments, muscles, and bones, it is recommended that you consult a qualified specialist because if you go to someone who has no experience, it can cause severe problems to the body, as well as aware of the body. If you want to see positive changes, there must be a commitment in the person to perform these exercises that will be very beneficial before the operation.