Skin Aging

The skin changes as one ages, gradually losing its elasticity and the collagen it produces, it is possible that it will present spots produced by age and high exposure to UV rays. But definitely one of the characteristics that most denotes the age of a person is the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines that tend to be more marked due to the lack of nutrients. Skin can reflect aging and other factors related to their care or the general health of the body, therefore, there are various treatments on the market based on cosmetic or dermatological products as well as surgical interventions that help to counteract the marks generated by age.

Along with aging, the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) is thinning, leaving it unprotected and exposed to environmental factors, sun exposure and other rays that significantly damage the skin. The tissue reduces its resistance and elasticity gradually so that the skin tends to “hang”, further causing the appearance of tired or aging skin. Similarly, it is more common for fat or liquids to be retained in certain areas because not only does the skin age, but also the entire body. One of the areas of the face where the aging changes are more visible is the area of the eyes, where wrinkles or expression lines are more present and in some cases the accumulation of liquids; also, the eyelid tends to fall due to the lack of elasticity in the skin.

Due to all the factors that old age brings with itself, people have always had that concern or the need to counteract all the consequences of it. And along with this idea of ​​never getting old, several investigations have been done to find out what we can do so that age is not so notorious. On the other hand, the media industry constantly bombards the population with images of people who look perfect at an advanced age. Because of these two circumstances, people spend sums of money to look younger and younger. A visit to the market will be sufficient to realize the exaggerated amount of anti-aging products. And it’s not wrong to consume products that help us reduce expression lines or wrinkles, but we must always investigate which products can help us.

Treatments performed by specialists are becoming increasingly popular; procedures ranging from facials full of vitamins to enrich the appearance of the skin, to cosmetic surgeries that allow a more radical change in the person. There are several surgeries that focus on the area of the face, through different surgical procedures. Of which the most common are: lip augmentation, cheek augmentation, rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery.

If you are determined to undergo any treatment with surgical intervention or not, it is necessary that you go to a specialist who can advise you on the products you can use depending on the condition and type of skin. As with a surgeon who analyzes your case and gives you the best options, either surgery to fill in parts of your face or those that are focused on the eye area (eyelid surgery Tijuana). Don’t forget that it is always important to take care of your skin in order to look younger and younger.