Surgery To Mark The Abdominal Area

One of the biggest trends in terms of physical appearance is a marked abdomen. That is why many people, both men, and women, have been looking for methods to obtain this appearance. Many resorts to the gym, but others opt for surgeries such as tummy tuck in Tijuana, liposuction, fillers, among other things.

 As for the surgical procedures, the surgeons in charge of these operations must know how to understand the needs of the patients. To offer them the best results, that is why before starting with the surgery to mark the abdomen, there must be a previous revision of the condition of the patient’s skin.

How is a tummy tuck performed?

Although it may sound simple to perform operations to mark the abdominal area, they require a lot of effort from the surgeon, mainly because these specialists are usually very perfectionist. Before starting to make incisions, your surgeon will draw follow-up lines so that you can get an idea of what your abdomen will look like after the operation. Also, making these lines lets them know where each cut should be made so that they do not have problems at the time of surgery.

No matter what type of procedure will be performed on the abdomen marking, it is necessary to take into account that, for each case, the way it will be done is different mainly because there is a significant difference between the case of men and women. In men, the aim is for the muscles in the abdominal area to be well marked, such as the quadriceps; and in women, the aim is usually for the marking to be in the lateral region.

The procedure begins with general anesthesia, followed by small incisions in the lower abdomen to introduce the cannula, either for liposuction or lipolysis, depending on what the surgeon decides. This procedure will be performed on the abdominal part, on the waist, and the lower back, thus contouring the patient’s figure. Once the fat removal procedure has been completed, the muscles will be marked. The last step is to place a special girdle on the patient to help the skin adjust to the new figure.

Post-operative care

The person must remain in rest between one and two weeks, will be able to carry out activities depending on the process of recovery. The patient must take into account that:

  • He won’t be able to exert much effort, so he will have to avoid carrying heavy things
  • It is necessary to continue using the girdle so that the skin will progressively adapt to the shape of the muscles
  • Even if the patient is at rest, it is essential that he or she does not stay in bed all the time, but needs to walk so that blood can circulate better
  • In the recovery process, the patient must sleep on his back. This to avoid discomfort due to the surgery
  • During and after the treatment process, the person should eat a balanced diet, to help the final result last a long time
  • Approximately, the patient will be able to exercise during the first month. Of course, it is necessary to have the surgeon’s permission.

The abdominal marking has become one of the most requested aesthetic procedures by men, mainly because with the help of this surgical intervention, the desired results can be obtained. But the patient must go to a specialist in the subject to avoid deformation in the body.