What are the most visited places by foreigners in La Baja?

Because of its warm weather, its proximity to the beaches, and due to the variety of activities it has available in addition to its affordable price, the Mexican state of Baja California is one of the most visited places by tourists who want to visit this beautiful country.

Baja California has multiple beautiful places to visit, besides having excellent health and lodging services, so, if you visit this state, you are guaranteed an excellent vacation.

Most visited tourist sites in Baja California

A very visited city in Baja California is San Felipe, which Jacques Cousteau considered “the aquarium of the world” because of the diversity of fish in its seas, besides being called “natural spa” by the collective, this for its warm waters because its tide does not usually rise too much. San Felipe also hosts a landrace called Baja 250, which is organized by Score International.

One of the most prominent cities in Baja California is Mexicali, which stands out for the tourism it offers, for example, the Sol del Niño Museum, which has numerous interesting exhibits based on science and culture. It is also the city with the most Chinese food in the state, making Mexicali a paradise for oriental food lovers. Likewise, Mexicali has many restaurants for those who like meat, where they can eat it in northern, Brazilian, Argentinean, and grilled style.

But wine lovers are not left behind, because the city of Ensenada is a piece of heaven for them, in this place is produced more than 90% of the wine of Mexico, merit that makes Ensenada is known as the “Mexican wine route”. It receives more than 750,000 visitors a year and has restaurants, wineries, and ranches for tourists. It also has protected areas such as Guadalupe Island and Valle de los Cirios, where ecological tourism is available.

Health and hotel services in Baja California Mexico

Baja California does not lag behind in health and hotel services, being one of the most visited Mexican states, it has hospitals and hotels that guarantee a safe stay for tourists from all over the world.

The boutique hotel Todos Santos, which has paradisiacal views of the beach and also offers excellent services for guests, is outstanding. Those who have visited the boutique hotels refer to them as places where there is excellent attention to guests, as well as good food and the advantage of their proximity to the beaches.

Likewise, in Baja California, bariatric surgery Mexico surgeons stand out, since this border city offers cosmetic surgery and weight loss services of all kinds, from non-invasive processes to invasive treatments through surgeries. So, if the need to attend surgical issues arises, both for the health of the person and to improve their aesthetics, going to the border city of Tijuana is the best option. Since it offers the best services for your well-being and you enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

So on your next visit to Baja California, don’t hesitate to stay in the best hotels while enjoying the great scenery of Baja or a surgery.