Facial implants

Many things characterize the border city of Tijuana. Still, one of the most important is medical tourism. In recent decades, various people from different parts of the world and Mexico have come to this city to undergo dental treatments such as dental implants Tijuana, and plastic surgeries. One of the most popular aesthetic surgical procedures … Read more Facial implants

Physical Therapy Before Each Operation

We have believed that physiotherapy when it comes to surgical issues, is only used after surgery to improve results. Nowadays, many doctors are betting on performing therapeutic exercises before a surgical procedure. This action is known as prehabilitation. It remembers that these exercises help to improve aspects of movement in muscles, ligaments, bones, and tendons. … Read more Physical Therapy Before Each Operation

Skin Aging

The skin changes as one ages, gradually losing its elasticity and the collagen it produces, it is possible that it will present spots produced by age and high exposure to UV rays. But definitely one of the characteristics that most denotes the age of a person is the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines that … Read more Skin Aging

Consejos para ayudarte a encontrar tu estilo personal

Encontrar (y refinar) el estilo personal puede ser una lucha; Somos los primeros en admitirlo. Todos hemos estado allí al menos una vez, si no varias, mientras miramos en nuestro armario lleno de ropa y necesitamos algo para la transición de postgrado a la transición profesional (¿entonces, las sandalias de plataforma no funcionan en la … Read more Consejos para ayudarte a encontrar tu estilo personal